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This page contains study statistics summarized by the entire study area, by state, and by major (HUC-8) basins.  Click on your region of interest to see tables showing the results of our land cover, riparian area, and impervious cover studies. 

To visualize the information, visit the map galleries for land cover, riparian areas or impervious cover. And don't forget the Interactive Map contains all of the study’s maps in one place.  Using this interactive map, you can turn on and off various maps and move about the study area freely.

Summary for the Study Area

HUC8 Basins


Summary By State

HUC8 Basins
Portions in the Long Island Sound Watershed:
  New York
  Massachusetts & Rhode Island
Entire State:


Summary by HUC8 Basins

HUC8 Basins

Bronx 02030102
Farmington 01080207
Housatonic 01100005
Lower Connecticut 01080205
Northern Long Island 02030201
Pawcatuck-Wood 01090005
Quinebaug 01100001
Quinnipiac 01100004
Saugatuck 01100006
Shetucket 01100002
Thames 01100003