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Your Town: Forest Fragmentation

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Forest Fragmentation Analysis Project


First, click on the map or the menu to select a town. Then use the buttons below to see forest fragmentation maps for each of Connecticut's towns for all study dates as well as a change map. Don't forget to scroll down for summary data tables below the maps!

Follow these links for a description of the forest categories or to see a visual explanation of the forest categories. To take a closer look or compare the forest fragmentation maps with our land cover maps, visit the interactive map. For information organized by watersheds, visit Your Watershed. Also, there are a number of charts and tables summarizing statewide data.

You may also want to visit the land cover "Your Town" page. To download the GIS files, visit the download data page. Finally, don't miss the FAQ page.


Forest Fragmentation and Change

1985 1990 1995 2002 2006 Change
acres % of town acres % of town acres % of town acres % of town acres % of town acres % change
Patch Forest                        
Edge Forest                        
Perforated Forest                        
Small Core Forest                        
Medium Core Forest                        
Large Core Forest                        
Total Core Forest                        
Total Forest