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What fun is an inventory if you don't start to mix and match your hard-won layers of information? Seriously, an inventory can easily get out of hand, and on this site we've tried to boil down a community resource inventory to what we feel are the few most important, most readily available data layers. If you have access to more detailed, or more locally relevant, information, please add it – suggestions are listed on the Enhance Your CRI portion of this site.

An inventory is really a list or, in map terms, an atlas. It's the critical first step toward protecting your town's resources. But, while each individual layer of information is useful, it is in combining and comparing these data that priorities and strategies start to emerge. Comparing, contrasting, and overlaying data brings you beyond the inventory stage to the analysis stage, which then leads to planning, which is what CRI Online is all about.

Below are links to several simple examples of how CRI maps can be used for local planning analyses:

Other Commissions and Municipalities who have conducted a Natural Resource Inventory and made it available:

Woodstock, CT


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