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NEMO Presents: Conducting a Community Resource Inventory

In order to protect your town's resources and character, you first have to know what those resources are and what makes up the "character" of your town! A complete Community Resource Inventory (CRI) is made up of three different resource inventories: natural, cultural, and economic. This workshop describes the importance of each, where you can get resources and information, and what to do with the inventory once it is completed. You will learn a 6-step process to create this basic and critical component of resource-based planning:

1. Assemble work group
2. Determine study area
3. Review existing documents
4. Assemble maps and information
5. Write a Draft Report
6. Publicize and solicit information.

The workshop ends with illustrations of how to use your CRI taken from other Connecticut towns. Since so much digital mapping information is available statewide, a good portion of the workshop will be spent on step 4, assembling maps and information. This will give your community a good sense of how to get started on your own CRI. The workshop is free of charge and takes about an hour. We recommend scheduling 1.5 hours to allow for discussion and questions.

Contact us at or call (860) 345-4511 to schedule a workshop.


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