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5. Shelton Water Resources: Watersheds

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Download a pdf of the Shelton Basins map for printing.

A watershed is an area that drains to one common outlet. Watersheds come in all sizes, from the acre that drains into your duck pond, to the Connecticut River watershed comprising parts of 4 states and stretching to Canada. Watershed boundaries available in CT come in three different scales: large major basins, regional basins, and local basins (which average about 1 square mile). Shown here are the latter two: regional basins are colored (if your town is all one color, then you are completely within one regional basin), and local basins are shown as the thin black lines.  Watershed boundaries are important since they help us identify how and where water flows over the landscape. Natural resource experts are increasingly recommending the watershed as the most meaningful geographic area with which to analyze, assess and manage natural systems.

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