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Shaded Relief

2. Andover Topography: Shaded Relief

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Other Common Topography Sources:
USGS Topo Maps
USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED)

Slope legend
Road Legend

Download a pdf of Andover Slope for printing.

Slope is a measure of the rate of change in elevation. Many Connecticut towns have limitations on the use of land for development that depends on slope. Steep slopes, if disturbed, can contribute significantly to erosion and sedimentation issues and downstream flooding. Therefore, understanding where these slopes are in your town is important in protecting the public's health, safety and welfare. This map shows areas with greater than 15 percent slope in four distinct classes. Areas with slopes less than 15% are transparent. The slopes were calculated from LIDAR-derived digital elevation models for the state. See the Shaded Relief map for a description of LIDAR.

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