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Northwoods Apartments

Two practices were installed at this apartment complex in the summer of 2010. The main travel lanes of the 800 foot long access road were paved with traditional asphalt, but the parking stalls along both sides of this road were paved with pervious asphalt.

Northwoods Pervious Paving

Tilcon supplied the product and installed it on this site. A short video clip of installation is above.  The mixture was slightly different from the other pervious asphalt lot (Towers dorms), and included wood fibers as an additional binder.

Additionally, four large bioretention areas were installed near the roadway. They contain a variety of shrubs and perennials, and were covered with shredded bark mulch (below, left).

Multiple smaller rain gardens were installed adjacent to the apartment buildings (below, right). Roof downspout leaders were directed to these areas. Round stone was installed to dissipate energy, reduce erosion potential, and enhance visual appeal. Shredded mulch was also added at a later date.

Northwoods Bioretention Northwoods Bioretention