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Burton Shenkman Football Complex and Training Center

Several different LID practices were installed here in 2006. A bioretention area adjacent to the building was installed with a variety of perennials, including iris and black-eyed susan (picture below, left). This bioretention receives runoff from the roof of the large building.

A bioretention swale takes overflow from the first bioretention area, and was planted with a variety of grasses, shrubs, and perennials (picture, below, right). Stormwater is directed along the swale, which was designed to infiltrate a portion of the stormwater entering it.

Burton Shenkman Bioretention Burton Shenkman Bioretention

Behind the building, a large bioretention/wet detention basin was installed. This area captures runoff from the building and adjacent impervious surfaces (picture, below, left).

A vehicle access road adjacent to the main entrance was paved with GrassPave® (picture, below, right). This product is a plastic grid paver that comes in a roll. It is applied over a stone or gravel base, and then filled with either soil/turf or crushed stone. In this case, it was planted with turf, but the traffic in the area caused the turf to fail over time.

Burton Shenkman Bioretention Basin Berton Shenkman Pervious Paving