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View the playlist on YouTube of all the Impervious Cover TMDL videos, or click each link below.

A Tale of Two TMDLs

The NEMO Program's eccentric and slightly lame attempt to illustrate the value of the IC-TMDL approach. (running time 00:01:20)

Gant Plaza Green Roof Project Installation

A fast-motion capture of the installation of a related research project looking at the water quality and quantity impacts of a green roof. (running time 00:01:55)

Scenes from the IC-TMDL Field Evaluation, July 2009

An informal compilation of stills and videos from the week the TMDL team spent combing the watershed for retrofit opportunities. (running time 00:05:32)

Porous Asphalt Parking Lot Demonstration

The porous asphalt parking lot near the Towers dormitories is the first of its kind in Connecticut.  This video is your usual "pour the water onto the asphalt and be amazed by what happens" video.  (running time 00:01:27)


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