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NASA DEVELOP Summer 2006 Project

Modeling Coastal Inundation Resulting from Tropical Storm Surge


The Effects of Elevation Datasets on Coastal Flood Mapping-This is an in depth power point presentation on the DEVELOP teams' research.  It goes through step by step the LIDAR processing, and flooding process. It was given to a class at the University of Connecticut in December, 2006.


Hurricanes? Is Connecticut at Risk - The movie was created by Mark Hoover in the fall of 2006.  It documents recent hurricanes to hit Connecticut as well as the NASA DEVELOP team research.  This movie was shown at the 1st annual CCNR (Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources) held on March 9th, 2007 at the University of Connecticut. 9:32 m.


The Effects of Elevation Datasets on Coastal Flood Mapping - This color poster measures 42" by 38". After the disastrous 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, the most active in recorded history, the need for accurate information for preparedness and evacuation planning has become increasingly evident. The NASA DEVELOP team explored the effects of elevation datasets on coastal flood mapping. The team created flood maps for the 37 coastal towns of Connecticut, for different category hurricanes, using SRTM, NED and LIDAR data. The poster was displayed at NEARC 2006 (The Northeast Arc Users Group) held on November 12-15, 2006, Mystic, CT and was awarded Best Poster.


DEVELOP Home - This is the official website for the NASA DEVELOP program. Here you can learn more about the program, look at past student projects, and apply for a position on a DEVELOP team.


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