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Coastal Area Land Cover Analysis Project (CALCAP)

Sponsored by the Connecticut DEP Office of Long Island Sound Programs

The Purpose of the Coastal Area Land Cover Change Analysis Project (CALCAP) Project is to provide an improved understanding of how and where development within Connecticut's coastal area and lower Connecticut River towns may be affecting coastal Connecticut's most significant ecological and coastal recreation areas.

The CALCAP Project was funded by NOAA's Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management which provided project funding through the National Coastal Zone Management Program.

Overview of Connecticut's Coastal Area Land Cover Characterization

Two land cover map layouts were produced that cover the coastal study area towns. The coast was divided into two sections (eastern towns from Guilford to Stonington and western towns from Greenwich to Branford). The links include 11x17 pdfs for printing. Coastal Land Cover and Land Cover Change Statistics

Eastern Project Area 2002 Land Cover | Western Project Area 2002 Land Cover

Coastal Land Cover and Land Cover Change Statistics

2002 land cover and 1985-2002 land cover change data for all sorts of areas including the entire coastal boundary, each town in the coastal study area and the area of each municipality in the coastal boundary.

Get Land Cover and Land Cover Change Statistics

Local Watershed Statistics

A number of calculations were made for every local watershed in Connecticut, including impervious surface estimates, change in impervious surface estimate, basins crossing critical water quality and impervious thresholds and percent of each basin in the 2002 land cover developed class.

Get Watershed Statistics

Detailed Land Cover Characterization

High resolution, airborne imagery was used to do two levels of land cover classification. The first methodology resulted in a detailed land cover classification and the second, simpler methodology separated developed and undeveloped areas.

Get Detailed Land Cover Data

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