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2002 - Open Space Planning Bibliography - (PDF 26KB)

2000 - The Remedial Bibliography for Land Use Planning- (PDF 39KB)

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Roles and Responsibilities of Local Commissions Fact Sheets

Disclaimer: The materials contained in these fact sheets are a general, lay summary of the roles and responsibilities of local land use commissioners. They should not be relied on as a valid legal opinion or position. As such, these materials should not be used in place of consulting an attorney about the roles and responsibilities of a local land use commissioner.

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Affordable Housing Presentation (pdf)


Affordable Housing Webinar

Affordable Housing Webinar

Afforable Housing image

March 15, 2011 - From the CLEAR 2011 Webinar Series

Run Time: 00:56:42

The mere mention of affordable housing can be a lightning rod for the NIMBY ("not in my back yard") elements in any community. But what is affordable housing and who really lives in it? Access to decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing has long been an issue of public importance in Connecticut. This webinar focuses on the challenges of providing affordable housing in our communities and why it’s important to create it to solve economic growth, municipal finance, educational, healthcare, environmental quality-of-life, transportation and other problems that our towns and state face. Methods of overcoming the barriers to affordable housing—erasing myths and misconceptions—and discussing why creating affordable housing is in the interest of municipalities will be discussed. The information provided will help foster an understanding of the relationship between housing costs and household incomes, development revenues versus municipal costs, and will include the role of planners in educating their towns’ residents on the benefits of affordable housing in their communities.

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Introduction to "Buildout" Analyses Webinar
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February 28, 2012 - From the CLEAR 2012 Webinar Series

Run Time: 00:50:53

A "buildout" analysis is a planning tool that can provide insight into the possible future impacts of a town's current land use regulations. But what does a buildout really tell you? In the first half of the webinar, we'll explain what a buildout is and isn't, go over common misconceptions about buildouts, and review several different types of buildouts and what type of data are needed for each. In the second half we'll illustrate some of these concepts with two case studies - one done in 2008 for the CT Office of Policy and Management and in partnership with the Central Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments, and a recently completed buildout done in partnership with the Town of Kent. And of course, we'll (attempt to) answer your questions. After spending this hour with us, you may not be able to do a buildout using your iPhone and a pocket calculator, but you will be able to ask good questions about the need for, uses, and types of buildouts that might apply to your community.

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Planning for Brownfields Webinar

June 22, 2011 - From the CLEAR 2011 Webinar Series

Eligible for 1 CM credit.

Run Time: 00:52:48

A mapping "mashup" is a web application that combines data from different sources into a single integrated, online mapping tool. With the rise in online mapping technology from leaders like Google Maps and Google Earth, creating these mashup applications has never been easier. This one-hour webinar will demonstrate how anyone can use Google tools to publish basic geographic information on a customized map using Google Maps and Google Earth. Topics will include how to add place markers, lines and shapes to a map, how to add content including photos and videos to the map and how to import existing data from other sources. The webinar will also highlight collaborative mapping techniques and methods for sharing and embedding maps on websites. The webinar will include live demonstration of tools and techniques along with plenty of real world examples.

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