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Make Your Job Easy with Digital Field Forms, Smartphone GPS & Web Mapping

Are you logging your field notes only in a journal? Are you tired of manually entering data into a spreadsheet? Do you need to map trails or property? Would you like to improve the coordination of your organization's data collection effort and eliminate the paper trail? If the answer is yes, then CLEAR can help. This page provides a few pointers for getting started. Keep in mind, there are several methods, tools, apps, and websites for digital field data collection, this is one way that works well for those on a budget!

Field forms to Mapping with Three Easy Tools


JotForm Makes Field Data Collection Simple

JotForm is a useful (and easy to use) online application that allows anyone to create custom online forms. You can then publish and share them through a link or embed them on your website. They can be filled out online in a web browser or in the field from a smartphone or tablet. JotForm also allows you to view, organize and download your form submissions. Now, you might be thinking...all this for free?! Yes! Well, yes - at least to a point. Learn more about JotForm Features and Pricing. We recommend you get started with their free "Starter" option to see if JotForm is the right fit for your field data. Land Trusts - upgrade you annual reporting with CLEAR's Conservation Easement Monitoring Report JotForm template.


An Example of an Embedded JotForm

Conservation Easement Monitoring Report



Need GPS data? Give Track Kit a try!

Track Kit is an easy to use smartphone app for both Apple iOS and Android devices. It allows a user to collect GPS field data including tracks and waypoints and tag field notes, photographs and recordings to locations in the field. Data can either be stored in the Track Kit cloud (online), or exported for storage locally. Depending on your device, this app is either free or less than $5. Learn more about this (and other) mapping apps, on our smartphone GPS resource page.


Want to make a web map? Google's got your back!

Data from both JotForm and Track Kit can be exported from their respective applications and then imported into Google Maps using Google My Maps. Maps can be formatted to look nice, edited to add content, and shared to the public. Maps can be distributed using a link or embeded on your organizations web page (see below!).


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