Land Use Academy

Introduction to ModelBuilder

Creating and Using Geospatial Models: An Introduction to ModelBuilder



This one-day course introduces ArcGIS users to the capabilities and uses of ModelBuilder. The course is designed to explore how ModelBuilder works and how models can be created, edited and used to automate repetitive tasks or to run more complex analyses. While ModelBuilder is relatively simple to use, it can be a bit confusing when first getting started. Through a combination of brief classroom presentations and hands-on exercises students will learn how to:

  • Use the ModelBuilder interface to create and edit simple models
  • Add data and connect geoprocessing tasks to input/output datasets
  • Automate geoprocessing workflows
  • Establish model properties
  • Control data parameters and variables in models
  • Add models as tools to ArcToolbox
  • Run models from the ModelBuilder interface or from ArcToolbox
  • Create user documentation and help files
  • Make models generic (transferable to other ArcGIS users)


Registration & Details

Please note: this is an introductory course, however some working knowledge of ArcGIS and geoprocessing tools is strongly recommended.

The course fee is $150.

Upcoming class registration can be found on the Schedule & Registration page.