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Geospatial Technology Resources for Educators

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Preparing for the Next Major Storm: Improving Readiness and Response with Geospatial Technology

On May 16 & June 6, 2014

How can your town better respond to community needs before/during/after major storm events? How can geospatial technology be used to coordinate and manage your storm preparedness both locally and with the state emergency response center? Join us at one of our two upcoming workshops to hear from state and local government professionals about how your community can be better equipped to handle the next coastal storm.

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Road Salt Use in Connecticut: Balancing Safety and Water Quality

On March 28, 2014

Chloride use in winter deicing has been steadily increasing. Transportation and public works directors have a responsibility for keeping motorists safe. However, salt use has lasting impacts on our ecosystems and water supplies. This conference will bring together researchers and public works professionals, municipal officials, consulting engineers, ecologists and water researchers. The aims of the conference are to hear from transportation officials on deicing approaches, and to examine chloride in Connecticut's waters and the resulting effect on aquatic life. Expert panelists will provide discussion on trying to balance safety and environmental concerns.

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