Connecticut GIS User to User Network

December 1, 2017 Meeting


8:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Metropolitan District Training Center

125 Maxim Rd.

Hartford, CT 06114




8:30-9:00 AM Networking
9:00 AM CT GIS Day at Yale Recap - Cary Chadwick, UConn CLEAR
  Geospatial Data Act Update - Kristen LaBrie, Applied Geographics
  New statewide data on CT ECO- 1 ft impervious cover & (coming soon) 1m land cover - Emily Wilson, UConn CLEAR
9:30 AM Brownfields - Mark Goetz, MetroCOG
9:50 AM History of CT Aerial Photography - Mark Goetz, MetroCOG - View Story Map
10:15 AM Planning CT's Next Aerial Flight - Mark Goetz, MetroCOG; Erik Snowden, CRCOG, Dan Czaja, DESPP, Eric Lindquist, OPM


11:30 AM Open Source GIS - Guido Stein, Applied Geographics
12 PM Education, Standards & Communications Committee Breakout Sessions
12:30 PM Adjourn!