Connecticut GIS User to User Network

Friday, February 28 Meeting

8:30am - 12pm



Manchester Emergency Operations Center

321 Olcott St., 2nd Floor

Manchester, CT



Kevin Berger

Town of Manchester

Town of Manchester Citizen Reporting Tool

Jason Courter

New England GeoSystems

Transferring AutoCAD into your GIS
AutoCAD and ESRI: Jason will describe the process of Integrating an AutoCAD files into base GIS data

Mark Goetz

Greater Bridgeport Regional Council

GBRC Parcel Fabric Project
The Greater Bridgeport Regional Council (GBRC) is implementing Esri’s Parcel Fabric as it creates a regional parcel map viewer for their six member towns

Denise Savageau

Town of Greenwich

GIS: A new tool for local EOCs

The use of GIS in local emergency operations center is increasing and it does not have to be complicated.  Denise will share some simple applications used for flood mitigation planning that she adapted for use in the Greenwich EOC during storm events and how they are working to improve upon this using the new LiDAR.

Ben Houston

GroundPoint Technologies

High Resolution Impervious Surface Data: Stories from the Field
In this talk Ben Houston will discuss the accuracy assessment of a large impervious area mapping effort that used LiDAR and CIR Imagery, and also compare high resolution impervious outputs to public domain data available through NLCD.