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This web page highlights a few of our CLEAR-related videos. Want to see more CLEAR-related videos? Check out our CLEAR Webinar Library.

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Highlights and Classics

Luck Isn't Enough: the Fight for Clean Water

From CLEAR's CT NEMO Program

1995. Run Time: 00:13:40

A NEMO classic and winner of an international film industry award for creative excellence. This educational video was produced for the general public on non-point source pollution—its causes, effects and what individuals and communities can do to combat it.

Stormwater 101 (Nonpoint Source Pollution)

From CLEAR's CT NEMO Program

2007. Run Time: 00:05:06

This video provides some basic background information on what nonpoint source pollution is and why it is a problem. It is useful to anyone who is trying to get a basic understanding of what impacts nonpoint source pollution has on our local water bodies. This video was made for use on the Jordan Cove Urban Watershed Project website, a collaborative effort between the University of Connecticut's Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and CLEAR and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

Roles & Responsibilities of Local Commissioners

From CLEAR's Land Use Academy

2020. Run Time: Part I - 00:32:29 Part II - 00:23:48

The videos in this section survey the basics of serving on a land use commission. Organized by commission, the videos cover the enabling legislation that permits land use commissions to exist, the requirements, roles and responsibilities of each commission and how municipal commissions interact with one another.

Map Reading for Site Plan Review

From CLEAR's Land Use Academy

The videos in this section provide critical tips and basic guidance for reading maps and site plans typically presented to land use commissions. Video instruction includes basic skills such as measuring distances and slope and understanding the uses of scale and topography.

“We are in the process of updating and improving this video. We expect the new version to be available by the Fall 2020. Please check back at that time. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Impervious Cover TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load)

From CLEAR's CT NEMO Program

The Eagleville Brook TMDL was developed as a way to deal with streams impaired by poorly understood urbanization-related impacts. Its location is the Eagleville Brook, a small watershed in northeastern Connecticut that drains much of the University of Connecticut campus. The project's website contains information on this ongoing project, including a small collection of random videos created by the CT NEMO group about the Eagleville Brook IC TMDL project. The IC-TMDL Project is a partnership of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, the University of Connecticut, and the Town of Mansfield, Connecticut.