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We hope that you find the information, data, tools, training, outreach, and mapping resources of CLEAR useful.

Over 75% of CLEAR's work is supported not by direct state dollars, but by competitive grants acquired from a variety of sources. Hence, our ability to develop and implement our projects is limited, and our work is largely determined by this ever-changing mixture of funding. CLEAR programs and staff are often in a tenuous position, thereby jeopardizing CLEAR's ability to maintain its record of excellence and service to the communities and citizens of Connecticut

If you value our work, we hope that you would consider supporting it through a tax-deductible donation to CLEAR's UConn Foundation account.

Visit the UConn Foundation Secure Giving Website (GIVE NOW) to make your contribution.

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  1. Under Gift Designations, select "Other gift designation not listed above"
  2. and in the Gift Designation box, enter: Center for Land Use Education and Research, 22130.
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  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Next." Enter your payment information.

We appreciate your helping us to continue helping you. Thank you, the CLEAR Team

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If you prefer to send your gift via check, please make your check payable to:

The University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc.
Include in memo: "Center for Land Use Education and Research (22130)

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The University of Connecticut Foundation, Inc.
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